Seeing as the world as we know it appears to be collapsing around our ears, it seems fitting that this week RetroBear looks back to 1983 and how the home video games market literally imploded. A tale of blood, tears and unsold cartridges follows…..

The Atari Landfill in New Mexico - Resting place for the VCS versions of PacMan & E.T.

I have always found history to be a fascinating subject. Upon my travels and trawls through retro gaming, I came across the Video Games Crash of 1983. At the time I would have been 7 years old and more interested in Marmite and Lego as to why a company such as Atari entered meltdown. It’s a fascinating lesson that had repercussions for the rest of the world and was something that took a number of years to recover from.

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