What were your favourite Nintendo64 games? The Retrobear gives his view on this list, which is based on the review score aggregation. Don’t expect him to agree mind.

Originally Posted to GameFancier.com on June 22nd 2010

Nintendo 64 Console

64 Bit Curves..

I’ve had an email this week which is great. It didn’t start “Stop writing because you don’t know what you are talking about”, and that in my book is a bonus. It gave me some hints and pointers which I have taken on board. After all you don’t want to be sitting here reading something that doesn’t actually differ from the other zillions of columns and blogs like it on the web. A blog needs to have opinion, comment (agreeable or not agreeable) and should have a touch of controversy about it. So I thought this week I’d have a pop at a top ten N64 games list I was directed to on www.gamerankings.com (other ranking sites exist – please consult your web browser for further details).

Why the N64? Well looking at this top 10 (as voted for by users of the site) I own a high proportion of the games, therefore giving me an advantage over a top 10 Intellivision countdown. So here goes (cue the Pick of the Pops theme tune and Alan Freeman type voiceover) starting with Number 10:

10. Mario Tennis – I don’t own this but it’s got Mario in it. Any game involving Mario is almost guaranteed classic status. On the downside it’s a tennis game and I hate tennis. God I hate Wimbledon. We’d have no interest in tennis in this country if it wasn’t for Wimbledon. Rating: Mario > Andy Murray. At least Mario doesn’t bottle it when it comes to the crunch. Available now on the virtual console.

9. Banjo-Tooie – I don’t own this but I loved the first. Any game involving a bear playing a banjo has got to be a winner. Also Rare very rarely missed on successful games. Rating: Banjo > George Formby. Turned out nice again hasn’t it? Available now on Xbox Live Arcade.

8. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask – I don’t own this (slight pattern developing) but if elves with big ears, lincoln green bodysuits and bows are your thing, you’re in for a treat. After all any game involving Zelda is guaranteed classic status. No wait, I remember those awful licensed 3DO games that came out. Not that good then. Rating: Wizard of Oz Munchkins > Zelda. Well it’s a girl’s name innit? Available now on Virtual Console.

7. Wave Race 64 – I own this one! It’s cool, got a great water effect, annoying race commentator and really playable. One of the games which showcases how good the N64 is when it’s pushed a little bit, and one of the original launch titles for the console. Rating: Wave Race > Waterworld starring Kevin Costner. It cost less for a start. Available now on Virtual Console.

6. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater – I don’t own this one either. It’s a skateboard game. It has Tony Hawks in it. If you aren’t sold on that then it’s not for you. I’m not so it’s not for me. Rating : BMX Bandits > Tony Hawk. Come on, skateboards? What’s next – Dale Winton’s Shopping Cart Slalom ?

5. Banjo-Kazooie – I own this one and as I said before it’s great. Very like Super Mario 64 or Donkey King 64 in look, style and game but really good fun. Good depth, great puzzles and top notch music and graphics. Well worth a look. Rating: Kazooie > Vuvuzela. Less noisy. Available now on Xbox Live Arcade.

4. Perfect Dark – I own this one. Two words. Joanna Dark. Rating: Joanna Dark > Joanna Lumley. Definitely Ab Fab this game. Available now on Xbox Live Arcade.

3. Goldeneye – I own this one. Brilliant Bond game which has never been bettered. Always the first FPS mentioned on any classic FPS games thread. Apparently they are working on an update of the original. Great multiplayer too. A total classic and no N64 collection should be without it. Rating: Goldeneye > Goldenballs. I’d take Bond in a fight with Jasper Carrott any day.

2. Super Mario 64 – I own this one. The game that made me want an N64 and the benchmark for which all Mario games would be held to since then. Totally great in every sense and in a way the ultimaYou always knew who was the daddy in that partnershipte adventure. Gaming has never been this much fun. A true ground breaker and a gaming classic. Get this game if you haven’t got it already. Rating: Mario > Luigi. You always knew who was the daddy in that partnership. Available now on Virtual Console and Nintendo DS.

1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – I have two copies of this one, though not through choice. I’m sorry but I can’t get into this game at all. Takes way too long to get going and I lost interest. If I had the time to play it I would but I’d have Mario 64 at the top here. By all accounts one of the greatest games ever. By my account 45 minutes playing time I am not going to get back. Rating: Legend of Zorro > Legend of Zelda. He might be behind a mask and Spanish but at least he’s not an elf. Available now on Virtual Console.

So there you go. Next week it’s back to the usual drivel and football games. Well the World Cup is on if you hadn’t noticed.

Till the next time……….I’m-a gonna win!