One man. One machine. Over 400 games. Retrobear is on a quest to play every single Commodore 64 game in his collection, without prejudice. That is not going to be an easy task.

The only rules are as follows :

  • All games in the collection must be played – no exceptions no matter how bad a game’s reputation
  • A minimum of 3 games per post will be reviewed
  • Where possible the games will be compared to the coin-op original
  • I must keep the faith

C64 Goodness

This week got me thinking as to what to do next with the site. Whilst posting comments on various systems and bits of gaming history is all well and good, what I feel is lacking most is actually playing the damn games and reviewing them. The problem with that is where to start ? I mean it’s not as if I have a small amount of games to be going along with that would take a short period of time to cover.


The only way I can approach this is to start in one place and gradually work my way through. That is probably the toughest bit to do as I have decided after much deliberation to start with the Commodore 64. Why there you may ask ? It will mean that rather than saving the largest selection games I have to the end, I can focus on them properly.


I’m not saying it’s going to be a chore – and bloody hell it will be – but a simple glance at the list of games brings both joy and pain alongside each other. For every Buggy Boy there is Enduro Racer, Ikari Warriors to Lee Enfield Tournamont of Death and Wizball to Bootleg Bandits. Look them up and see how they differ – from the sublime to the ridiculous. This does not include compilations either, which means that total of 423 is going to rise and get bigger. If you also factor in my mate Andy bringing round some he found in his loft tomorrow, we might be pushing 500 by the time this is finished.


You will notice from the site layout there is a section under Russian Roulette. This I am hoping to bring back at some point in the future, but with some of the other consoles and games in my collection. For now the focus is purely C64 and hopefully some video footage to go with all the musings, rants, raves and findings that this journey is going to take us on.


This will be an ongoing project so there is no time limit to getting this completed. Although this will be my prime focus for the time being, it will also allow me to post some other stuff as we go along.


So hold on to your hats because we will be getting under way imminently…..look out for the Commodorathon!

I may need this along the way