Dateline 27th March 2012


Games, games, games. Tonnes of them around and I choose to play all the really old ones. Well someone has to and seeing as I am not overly fond of the way the current games market sits in terms of getting to grips with the modern titles and methods of playing, simply give me a joypad, minimal fire buttons and no motion sensor at all and I’ll be dead happy.


It’s part 2 of this month’s Mega Drive games reviews………….


Sound advice that......


HARD DRIVIN’ – I have played some pretty yucky versions of this vector graphic driven driving game but actually the Mega Drive version isn’t all that bad. The big attraction of Hard Drivin’ when originally in arcades was the big sit down cabinet and the track design. Of course you lose that impact on the home versions, but while most of those suffer with a lack of speed, this version doesn’t so much. Sure it’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination – the handling is abysmal and there is zero lastability beyond a few plays – but it’s worth a look if you have fond memories of the original arcade game.


ITCHY & SCRATCHY – You’d have thought this was one licence, with the emphasis being on cat and mouse violence, that would be a pretty good game but you’d be well off the mark. Twitchy controls (Itchy, Scratchy and Twitchy would be a better title), awful music and mind numbing gameplay leave this Simpson spin off stuck somewhere rather unpleasant. Not even fans of the show will get anything from this, and yet another Simpsons licence is tarnished with the crappy brush.


JAMMIT – I had absolutely zero hope for this digitised graphical, one-on-one basketball game. For me basketball is one game that really had problems transferring from playing the game to playing the video game version. I am no fan of NBA Jam, but that is a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously and therefore isn’t a bad game to play. Jammit though did surprise me. It slowly lured me in as I played game after game, constantly losing and having all my street cash and street cred taken from me. It’s kinda like the film White Men Can’t Jump, where you play for cash. Once you work out the controls, which are a bit iffy, you get into the flow of things. Not a great game, but not a bad one.


JUNGLE STRIKE – Redefining the art of isometric shoot em ups and providing some of the best side-on shooting action since Zaxxon, the Strike series of games were massive sellers, back in the day, on the Mega Drive. Taking control of a helicopter and progressing through masses of missions, each more tricky than the last, making sure you don’t run out of fuel, avoiding enemy gunfire and ensuring once more that peace can rule the world, this is one game all Mega Drive owners must own. It’s gorgeous to look at, the controls are great and it plays like a dream.


KING OF THE MONSTERS – Godzilla-type monsters battle each other in a Street Fighter style fighting contest that has you wishing that they had used Godzilla instead. Clunky controls don’t help things and whilst on the whole it looks fairly good, the limited moves you have at your disposal means the thing is quickly reduced to frantic button pressing in the hope you land your blows first. I couldn’t find anything redeeming about this and as such my quest to find a fighting game I enjoy must continue because there isn’t an awful lot to see here.


LETHAL ENFORCERS – Badly showing it’s age in 2012, this was quite the revolutionary Operation Wolf style run and gun when it first came out in the arcades. Helped (or hindered) by the use of digitised graphics, you must shoot the bad guys as they appear whilst avoiding hostages and members of the public who, as always in this type of game, tend to get in the way. You even take part in shoot outs whilst on a moving vehicle, though this sadly is where the game starts to fall away as the amount of bad guys it appears you can fit in one standard 4 door car numbers more than I have fingers. It’s fun but repetition soon gives way to boredom and before long you’ll be reaching for the off switch. Fun for it’s day but only recommended as a curiosity now.